Artistic and Scientific Residencies

ResArt offers artistic and scientific residencies in all associated happy places. It also provides working and exhibition/presentation space according the needs of the resident. In addition ResArt is offering the necessary support for creation in different fields . Residencies are open all year round and the prices vary according on the duration, location and the type of the support needed. Some residencies are funded by European institutions or Europeans programs.

Artists and scientists interested in taking part in ResArt residency programm are free to be sponsored and supported by different institutions, organizations, governments and their logos will be included in all promotional material. Invitation or recommendation letter can be provided.

Artistic/Scientific residencies in the fields of:

  • Media arts (video, video installations, multimedia, micro-controllers, kinnect cameras etc)
  • Sound/music composition/performance. (research in sound, electronic music, sound installation, instrument design, sensors)
  • Script writing (Long term residencies at locations near the sea or country side for script writing, poetry, literature and anything related to writing -internet available)
  • Artist family type residency (open to all media artists with family so they can stay longer while enjoying their family)
  • Innovation residencies. (open all year round for applicants from different disciplines who wish to attend the crash course of the Innovation Gym or participate on a joined project for a start up or a design)

Some residencies are part of funded programs and are offered after a call for proposal. Some others are not but there is always the possibility to apply for any of the above residencies (non funded) for any of the locations in Cyprus in collaboration with ResArt.

For applications please send short proposals to